Dear Ali & George...
Dear Ali & George... End of Season Report Cards

Dear Ali & George... End of Season Report Cards

Who's top of the class? Who must apply themselves better? It's all here, at the EFL Parents' Meeting – and this one's free to all subscribers.

Incredibly bright, could contribute more, they tend to get distracted and sometimes distract others.

…it could be any of us.

It could be your club. Let’s find out in a DAG Report Card Special.

The regular season is either finished (L1 & L2) or on the cusp (Championship). As the dust settles, we can start to judge the season as a whole, avoiding extreme opinions driven by strong, recent end-of-season emotions or outcomes.

You submitted your teams for a pedagogic interrogation by two dashing but hard-to-please teachers. We’ve answered all of them — on the list: Wimbledon, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Crewe, Barrow, Leeds, Ipswich, QPR, Oxford, Exeter, Millwall, Cardiff, Swansea, Stoke, Notts County, Southampton, Sunderland, Norwich.

Which clubs showed good concentration and willingness to progress? Which became distracted, with results suffering as a consequence? Teams across all three leagues are discussed, with some clubs achieving the highest and lowest possible grades.

Enjoy this episode of DAG, and go well!

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