Dear Ali & George...
The FINAL Six Fix [15 Dec 2023]

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The FINAL Six Fix [15 Dec 2023]

You have mail. We have news. Don't worry, it's NOT goodbye.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

Good morning, and a happy and festive Friday to everyone!

We’ve got a bit of news for you this morning. Let us explain…

When we started Substacking earlier this year, an extra podcast for paid subscribers was always part of our thinking. And so we came up with The Six Fix, a fixture-previewing podcast that runs inside the lines of our already-existing Monday and Thursday podcast.

We ran with that idea like a kick-it-and-head-it centre-back breaking forwards with the ball at his feet… brimming with excitement, but perhaps lacking the clear-minded execution of a technical #10.

TSF has been a beautiful foray, a stimulating sojourn. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve predicted a lot of results with mixed success.

But now is the right time to hit the training ground, put in the hard yards, and prepare to unleash something bigger, better and more interactive in 2024. In short, we want to get you involved!

A new podcast. Something different to what has come before. Something, we think, will be even better than TSF. Something where you — our readers, listeners and the NTT20 community — can set the agenda, be closer to the action and closer to us as we look to kick on once again.

All will be revealed in due course. But first, we have the small matter of one final Six Fix podcast. Three leagues, six fixtures, six predictions.

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