Dear Ali & George...
The Six Fix [1 Dec 2023]

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The Six Fix [1 Dec 2023]

One Championship slate. Three fixtures picked and six predictions.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

Hello. Good morning. Welcome to TSF.

It’s the 1st of December, and the twelfth month of the year promises so, so much. What do you want for Christmas? What does your club want for Christmas? A wide forward with huge 1-v-1 threat? A goal-scoring striker? A duals-monster?…I bet.

Well, NTT20.COM will not only have you covered over the festive period, but also the TRANSFER PERIOD as well. January will be Transfer Month here at HQ, and ahead of that, we’re offering £20 off all paid subscriptions until 25 December.

And, dear listener, that subscription will also give you the keys to listen to today’s Championship-heavy episode of the The Six Fix. So sign up now, make a brew and tune-in…you’ll need to, ‘cos this one’s audio-only!

But first, we need to talk about that David Beckham scoreline in the second set of our predictions league.

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