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The Six Fix [1 Sep 2023]

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The Six Fix [1 Sep 2023]
George. Ali. One podcast, three leagues and six fixtures picked.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

Morning, morning. It’s the first day of September and we’re here with a podcast for our paid subscribers on Substack. You know the drill by now. We look ahead to the weekend slate and make one pick each per EFL league. We make a score prediction for each fixture selected: 1 point for a correct result & 3 points for a correct scoreline.

Last week, George extended his lead by one point with a correct result through a Leeds win over Ipswich. Ali was minutes away from a correct scoreline (1-1) when Exter bagged a very late winner against Reading to make it 2-1. So… scores on the doors. George 9 - 4 Ali.

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The Six Fix by NTT20

One pod. Three leagues. Six fixtures picked. The Six Fix is a new podcast by Not The Top 20 exclusively for paid subscribers on Substack. Ahead of each weekend slate, Ali and George fight over their favourite fixtures from all three leagues in the EFL.

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