Dear Ali & George...
The Six Fix [10 Nov 2023]

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The Six Fix [10 Nov 2023]

One pod. Three leagues. Six fixtures picked AND predicted.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

Good morning Brians, Brianesses and Brian Enos.

This is The Six Fix brought to you by Not The Top 20, the two-times FSA Award-nominated podcast.

If you didn’t know – and how could you not? – the second nomination just happened. If you can take a few seconds to vote for us then we’ve promised to record a 24-hour live pod. And who wouldn’t want that?

By now you know the TSF drill. We look across the slate, pick two fixtures from each league, talk about them and make a prediction. It’s beautifully simple, and we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s crack on, shall we? But before we do, there’s the small matter of our, frankly, made-up predictions league…

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