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The Six Fix [11 Aug 2023]

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The Six Fix [11 Aug 2023]
George. Ali. One podcast, three leagues and six fixtures picked.
Ali Maxwell and George Elek

In The Six Fix each of us selects our favourite fixture from each of the Championship, League One and League Two. That adds up to one pod, three leagues and six fixtures picked in total. It couldn’t be more simple… so we decided to complicate matters.

Or more accurately, we decided to up the stakes. Thanks to Mick Dore for his suggestion to spice things up. And what does that mean?

Of course we’re going to put every prediction into a table and keep tally: one point for a correct result and three points for a correct scoreline. How are we going thus far?

Ali takes an incisive 3-0 lead over George on opening day. But as we know, one set of games on opening day can’t possibly paint an accurate picture of what will happen over an entire season. So we’re back at it again today, and we’re wondering… what is the prize?

What spoils should go to the victor of the inaugural Six Fix Predictions League? Should we turn the points tallies into pounds and the winner takes all? Should we create a humiliating forfeit? What do you reckon? We want your suggestions.

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The Six Fix by NTT20

One pod. Three leagues. Six fixtures picked. The Six Fix is a new podcast by Not The Top 20 exclusively for paid subscribers on Substack. Ahead of each weekend slate, Ali and George fight over their favourite fixtures from all three leagues in the EFL.

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