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The Six Fix [13 Oct 2023]

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The Six Fix [13 Oct 2023]
George. Ali. One podcast, three leagues and six fixtures picked.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

Poppadoms or bread? A debate for the ages and one discussed in our latest offering on The Six Fix… only very briefly. Let’s hope you also listen to the Off Menu Podcast.

Bereft of the Championship we’re building bridges not abridging our output. “From where to where?”, you ask. From a diversity of impressions, Brian Eno chat and a desperate restructuring of our predictions league format, all the way to Leagues One and Two — listen in for most of that.

Last weekend, the scores on the doors were as follows.


  • Leicester 3-1 Stoke 1pt

  • Portsmouth 1-1 Port Vale 0pt

  • Sutton 1-1 Walsall 0pt


  • QPR 1-2 Blackburn 1pt

  • Burton 1-1 Cambridge 0pt

  • Newport 3-0 Harrogate 0pt

We’ve decided to adopt Table Tennis scoring for this Prediction League. George takes the first set 21-11.

Here’s the start of the second set, with the best fixtures from this weekend’s reduced slate…

(Apparently, table tennis is played to 11. Apparently, it’s not played in sets. But this is our content, these are our rules, and for good (Ali) or ill (George), it’s a decision that improves the spectacle of the game. And that’s why we’re here.)

That and getting you excited for the best regular season League Two game of all time.

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The Six Fix by NTT20

One pod. Three leagues. Six fixtures picked. The Six Fix is a new podcast by Not The Top 20 exclusively for paid subscribers on Substack. Ahead of each weekend slate, Ali and George fight over their favourite fixtures from all three leagues in the EFL.

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