The Six Fix by NTT20
The Six Fix [15 Sep 2023]

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The Six Fix [15 Sep 2023]
George. Ali. One podcast, three leagues and six fixtures picked.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

“Hey Siri! Define that Friday feeling…”

"I've found this on the web."

Good morning everyone. This is The Six Fix. The podcast where George and I pick our favourite fixtures from the weekend slate, putting our necks on the line with score predictions. George was 12-8 up in our predictions league last time you heard from us, but what happened next may (not) surprise you…

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The Six Fix by NTT20

One pod. Three leagues. Six fixtures picked. The Six Fix is a new podcast by Not The Top 20 exclusively for paid subscribers on Substack. Ahead of each weekend slate, Ali and George fight over their favourite fixtures from all three leagues in the EFL.

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