Dear Ali & George...
The Six Fix [3 Nov 2023]

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The Six Fix [3 Nov 2023]

George is back, and that means TSF returns to your ears.
Ali Maxwell & George Elek

Penny for the guy? Which guy…(or gal)? We don’t know exactly.

But we’d like to place on record our gratitude to all the pharmaceutical experts and chemists involved in the manufacturing of lemony healing potions. Thanks to their skill and years of work, George’s voice has returned and that means TSF is back in your ears.

This podcast enjoys no corporate sponsorship. But if we could pick one, it would undoubtedly be Lemsip, a product range that has now expanded beyond the mug to include capsules, tablets, and liquids.

Welcome to The Six Fix sponsored by Lemsip: all tickle, no cough…

This week, League One and League Two teams abandon us to the FA Cup. We don’t mind that. In fact, we love the Cup. And it appears that the vast majority of Davids seeking to overcome the EFL’s Goliaths are, by a quirk of fate, situated either in the commuter belt or amongst Britain’s classic seaside towns. You’ve got Sheppey, Whitby, Scarborough, Horsham, Chesham and Goodlucktoham.

That leaves only the Championship, and so this week we are doing things a little differently: three fixtures picked, and both of us providing a prediction.

Speaking of which, it was 8-2 to Ali last time we were here. It isn’t any more…

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